The First Moment.

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This video is quite lovely. Showing the first moment grooms see their brides, it really captures the emotion of that special moment between the couples. Have a watch, and a weep. Enjoy!


Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something FABULOUS.


I love anything that carries the essence of an heirloom. These ring boxes are unmistakeably just that. The Mrs Box is an heirloom quality ring box, custom made as an alternative to all of those rather grim ring boxes out there. They can even be customized with your initial, done with a vintage hot stamp press. Each is made using a pre-war velvet, in beautiful jewel colours. Even the names are beautiful, such as The Hamptons, The Darlington, and The Pomp. Perfection.

Get yours now to store your engagement or wedding ring… or any ring you fancy! Available at