Postcard from Strasbourg

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Last week we visited Strasbourg in France, and made it our base for a week of wine tasting, visiting spa towns, and living a fairytale in the Black Forest in Germany.

Strasbourg is such a great city. Sitting right on the border of France and Germany, the influence from both countries is really apparent, which was perfect as it meant lots of fine wine and cheese for me, and beers and sausage for him…We were both happy!! We chose Strasbourg as we wanted a quiet week away, somewhere neither of us had thought to go before, and more importantly, NO crowds of tourists!

Strasbourg is a really popular tourist destination over the festive period due to their iconic Christmas markets, and so going at this time of year was perfect. As well as having the usual tourist shops and restaurants, Strasbourg has a really cool vibe, with lots of quirky markets and bars. It is also a real foodie heaven, with over a thousand restaurants and lots of amazing local dishes to try.

Being in France, wine was high on the agenda. We learned so much about French wine over the week, and drove down the wine road of the Alsace, which led us to so many picturesque little towns and vineyards. Highly recommended!



Here are my favourite things to do in Strasbourg:




  • Jump on a train from the Gare de Strasbourg and nip into Germany’s Black Forest.
  • Drive through the vineyards on the Alsace wine road and visit as many vineyards as you can fit into a day – or two!

We stayed over in one of the small wine towns called Kaysersberg, which was like something out of a fairytale. We did a wine tasting in the afternoon and had the most amazing romantic dinner later on. The town is deserted by 10pm, so we had a great nights sleep.


A highly recommended place to visit, and a great base for a week of adventuring. I’ll be posting details of the Black Forest soon, which was my favorite part of the trip!

Go have an adventure!

Beach Beauty Edit: Face

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The beach is a place where we can be free: Free-spirited, stress-free, and make-up free! If you are a beauty junkie who can’t go bare-faced, or simply want to look extra gorgeous on your beach vacation, look no further. I have rounded up my favourite beach-beauty products which won’t budge with sweat and sea-salt, and won’t melt in the heat of the sun. From gorgeous creamy blushes and surfer girl shimmers, to waterproof concealer to cover any flaws. This is your beach make-up, sorted!

Beach make-up edit

Beach make-up edit

Left to right, from top left:

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara, £21.

Nars illuminator in Orgasm, £23.

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster SPF 15, £27.90.

NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer, £5.50.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Tone Perfecting Booster, £58.

Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr, £8.99.

Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Balm, £16.

Elizabeth Arden Sunkissed Pearls Eyeshadow Stick in Fresh Water Pearl, £19.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense Stick SPF 50, £15.

Beach beauty

Beach beauty

Smile, Look Gorgeous, and Enjoy the beach!

The meaning of travel 

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Why travel? This is the question I always find myself asking when on one of my self-exploration quests. In these moods it is apparent that I tend to ransack my own life, thread-by-thread, until I can find that single piece of hope; the answer to that one key question: why? Maybe it is because of this feeling that never goes away; the constant need to search, high-and-low, country to country, for the ‘something’ that I feel I need to grab a hold of. This ‘something’ is, I can only describe as, the true essence of life, the meaning of our existence, or quite simply put; myself.

I have always assumed I was a travel lover as it was a means of searching for myself. Through extensive travelling externally, you coincidentally explore internally, and discover more about who you are. Constantly searching to find the place, the people, to where you feel you belong. But as time passes, as it does, I am still in the thick of my exploration and very much still suffering the full feverish symptoms of this travelling ‘bug’ I have always been told I had and yet without any further developments as to this ‘real me’ I have been awaiting to discover. And so I am starting to question the reasons behind my lifestyle choices once again.

It has occurred to me this time, however, that the answer to this question has shifted, and this time it is far less evocative and meditative as my previous answer. This time, I am starting to think that the reason why I travel is a lot more simple, a lot more straight forward, and along much more of a ‘just because’ line of thought. Why travel? To explore the world and its greatness, to grab hold of life, and to spend every second sucking in the earth’s beauty like oxygen. And why? Well, to do the annoying answering a question with a question. Just because: why not?

Weekend getaway: in your own city 

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As much as I love to be submerged in the culture of London and all it has to offer, I also like to break out of the ‘city’ feel and spend my weekends escaping the crush. If I don’t get the chance to take a train elsewhere, or the weather is too miserable to walk in the parks, it’s time to think outside the box. This weekend we escaped upwards, and took a breathtaking trip up the Shard. It’s a great place to go to refresh your love for London, remind you of all its wonder, and to coax yourself out of the city lull. Plus, it’s the best place to take in all of London’s sights in one go, and reminder yourself of all that is still left to see.

The View from the Shard

The View from the Shard

If you’re feeling the strains of your own city, why not take a trip upwards and gain a new perspective?

And as the Shard is situated in London Bridge, take a trip to Borough Market afterwards to sample the best food London has to offer. We ate Cornish chilli squid, paella with tiger prawns and drank Sangria.

The perfect Saturday escape.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market

Go have an adventure!