My Top 10 Beauty Travel Must Haves

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In light of my up coming trip to Texas this week, I have been busy preparing my wash-bag with all my necessities before I jet off. As a big traveller I am often asked what my beauty essentials are which allow me to travel lightly and keep me looking tourist-photo ready. So here are my top 10 beauty essentials that I always have in my hand-luggage whilst travelling, whether it be by boat, train or plane. Enjoy!

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O, 100ml – £5

Soothes, cleanses and makes your skin feel instantly fresh. This is then queen of make-up removers, and comes in a variety of sizes down to this perfect travel size which fits in hand-luggage. Use with a wet cotton wool pad for the best results.


2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir, 30ml – £11.50

Smooths the complexion, adds radiance, perks and moisturises. I always have this with me whilst travelling as it is a dream for parched cabin-skin.


3. Udo’s Choice Super 8 High-Count Pro-Biotics – £24

Travelling saviours. I don’t leave the country without them. Alcohol, a variety of foods, and time-differences can play havoc on the digestive system. These are the gentlest pro-biotics I have ever tried, with lots of ‘friendly-bacteria’ that work wonders for bowel-health. Be nice to your insides.


4. Batisse Dry Shampoo, 50ml – £2

The best hair pick me up. Simply spray onto the roots and brush out. Lank hair looks bouncy and clean even after a 12 hour flight.


5. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 50ml – £69

Strengthens, hydrates and adds radiance. The perfect travel moisturiser, this product is great for adding a layer of moisture for flights, and for hot climates where a cream feels too heavy.


6. Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask – £73

This mask is the perfect pick me up which adds radiance and lustre to your skin. It contains red clay and so gives skin a deep clean in just 3 minutes. Perfect for my post-flight skin. What Jet lag?


7. Arcona Dessert Mist, 35ml – $35

I came across this brand in Santa Monica, LA and have never found anything to compete. This product is a must to protect the skin from pollution, free radicals, chemicals and weather. Plus, it contains natural humectants that pull moisture from the air to alleviate skin dryness. Perfect for city breaks and long haul trips.


8. Caudalie Lip Conditioner – £5.50

The best lip balm I’ve come across, I never travel without it.


9. Soap and Glory Mini Hand Food, 50ml – £2.50

This cream is a little miracle cream and in the cutest packaging it’s perfect for a trip.


10. Lancaster Sun Beauty Care, SPF 15, Face – £16

The leaders in sun-protection, this range really is the best. Always pop a tube of this in your suitcase, as its light enough to wear everyday along with your normal moisturiser.


Travel light, maximise the power in your 1l zip-lock bag and be plane, boat or train ready in no time ! No more panicking at the thought of an impromptu mini break, these products will have you sorted and looking fabulous!

Bon Voyage!

14 Creative Things To Do Indoors This Autumn.


Idea 4: Print Your Own Personalized Note-cards

I really love anything personalised, whether it be a leather pouch with my initials on, headed stationary or just my name an a necklace. Having your own greetings cards takes this to the next level. Writing a handwritten note to a friend or a thank-you card rather than an email is so much more thoughtful and people really appreciate it. Think how lovely it is to receive something through the post that someone has written for you and you can put on the mantlepiece. I also think it is nice to send a handwritten note to an prospective employer or post interview; a polite way to stand out from the crowd, and of course its never harmful to keep yourself fresh in someones head.

I always buy cards every time I see one that catches my eye so that when I do want to send one to someone I already have lots to choose from – and no excuses to forget! But a cheap and personal way of buying note-cards is ordering your own. There are lots of companies who specialize in printing cards, and the more you order generally the cheaper they are. I am in the process of ordering my own customized cards using The Rattle Blog banner at the top of the homepage. On the back you can add any text you like, so I will be having my name and The Rattle Blog written, plus my contact details. That way it is a ready made business card/greeting to send out to anyone who I want to write to!

My mum is an artist and has her own cards made. Some she sells, and some she just sends to friends and family. A little slice of her work, and something very pretty to have in your home that is totally unique and you wont find in your high street card shops. You can make them on who I recommend for their photo prints and photobooks. I prefer using smaller local companies, and am going to order mine from There are so many companies out there, and the more you order the cheaper they tend to be – but never more that 50p per card, which is with an envelope. Much cheaper than buying from a shop, ans its personalized and unique to you!

You can use a photographs; do a photo collage using an app – I love Fotor; choose a picture you love; or even paint something yourself. Here are the cards my Mum has had made, both square and postcard size, and the picture she used. See for yourself how lovely they are and I hope it inspires you to maybe order your own or at least write someone a lovely little card and make someones day!

IMG_0121 IMG_0119 IMG_0128 IMG_0125

14 Creative Things to Do Indoors This Autumn


Idea 3: Make A Scrapbook Journal

I am slightly addicted to Pinterest, I must admit. Its totally great and so easy to use for a quick hit of inspiration. ‘Scrapbooking’ your own boards is great,  takes seconds and can be a great and effective tool for things like wedding planning and interior designing. However, nothing beats the real thing. I don’t know about you but I have hundreds of old fashion magazines piled high, and I would never throw them out, I still love looking through them sometimes. I also collect EVERYTHING: music tickets, flyers, and anything that catches my eye or reminds me of something I’ve done. So, a great way to keep all your inspirations together and journal your life is making scrapbooks! Its much more rewarding that doing it online, and you will have them for years to come, and I’m sure even your kids will want to look through them one day! I have always kept extensive travel journals and always do them in a scrapbook style – sticking in cuttings and photographs along the way. I also like to keep ‘inspiration journals’ and keep any pictures or articles I come across in my old Vogue magazines. This way you don’t have to dig through all those pages every time you need an inspiration hit! I keep them for specific things to, like fashion, beauty, my blog, holidays, interiors, anything! I’ve also done a memories scrapbook which holds all my old gig tickets, posters and notes from my friends. its a really cute thing to look through and is an easy way to store these kind of memories. If you don’t look at them frequently, then why keep them!?

You can use any notebook, or if you want to get really creative, use an old book and glue over the pages for a real home-made effect. I used an old photography book for a travel journal once and painted the pages over. It looks really special and is totally unique to me! All the travellers I met loved it!

So give it a try, whether your planning a wedding, your Christmas, a new style, or just want some daily happiness to look through.

IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0106 IMG_0114

Remember to check back on tomorrow for another creative thing to do indoors this Autumn!

Enjoy! x

14 Creative Things To Do Indoors This Autumn


Today is the first day that I am actually cold. It’s been a bit of a strange few weeks, with lots of afternoon sunshine (see my post for Grazia live’s #WhatToDoThisWeek this week… It involves ice-cream … Yes, I know, I honestly was sitting outside yesterday afternoon in the sunshine eating ice-cream). But today it’s chilly. Maybe because it’s Monday and Monday’s always seem worse. Anyway, I’ve come up with some jolly ideas for the indoors to keep us busy whilst we are still in the midst of digging out our winter clothes and preparing ourselves to venture outdoors. And it won’t involve the television I promise! So for the next 2 weeks pop back to this friendly warm place and see my ideas to keep you busy over this transitional chilly time. When you’ve finished with this little lot the leaves will have fallen and outside will look a little more inviting, I promise!

1. Colour- Code Your Bookshelf

Starting with something simple yet satisfying that you can do even after a cold and rainy Monday at work. To amp up your book collection and help when selecting a good book to snuggle up in front of the fire with, colour code them. When I did this I felt the whole space looked a lot calmer and organised, and became more of a joy to look at. It’s become a real central point of the room now, and I enjoy picking my next read much more.