Weekly Witterings – Valentines Special

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To Witter: to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length. n. pointless chat; chatter.

It’s February, and I am currently wearing shorts. Not with 100 denier tights and a thick coat – just shorts and a t-shirt. That’s the joy of Florida for you; it’s pretty much sunny all the time. I am all set up with my writing desk and a room to call my own which is kind of a room-come-conservatory, meaning I get to enjoy that glorious sunshine all day long and  overdose on vitamin D whilst writing. I’ve managed to complete 5 chapters of my novel (hurrah!) which I’ve been celebrating by drinking several G + T’s as soon as the clock strikes 5pm each day (that’s 10pm in London so quite conservative if you ask me). I’ve also been working on some great travel posts which I will be putting up over the next few weeks and am excited to share.

So, I have decided to start doing a weekly roundup post in order to spread the love and keep you updated with my adventures. This is a way of sharing my inspiration, music, books, and thoughts that have been a part of my week in addition to my blog posts. Think of it as a coffee and a quick natter with an old pal. I’m intending on posting these round-ups on Wednesdays – as no one likes a Monday, and Fridays are for adventuring (and drinking), so slap bang in the middle of the week sounds good, plus it might even get you revved up for a weekend adventure of your own. As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought today would be a great day to start my ‘Weekly Witterings’, so here is the first addition – Valentine’s Style.

So I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your comments! My first ever Weekly Witterings. Enjoy!

Website of the Week

My sister Charlotte got married last year, and her wedding has just been featured on the Rock My Wedding blog. Have a read of the article here, and immerse yourself in dreamy wedding day love.


Song of the Week

One of my favourite artists James Blake has finally dropped a new song, and i am in love! Listen here.

Book of the Week

Not so much of a romantic read, but this week I am glued to Valley of The Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. Its sure got the sex, and the drugs and rock and roll to go along with it. Buy it for it’s cult following. Finish it for its audacity.


Shopping of the Week

I have been extra creative this Valentines and have had made a present and a card using old maps and travel as the theme. These hand painted maps by Milk N Sugar Art are a gorgeous gift for Valentine’s or for an anniversary, available on Etsy. A great reminder of where you met or a special place in your hearts!

I also love these.

And these.

Working Out this Week

In true Valentines style, this week I’ve been literally punching my boyfriend. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, he has been training me to punch him, and by him I mean the pads that he holds up for me. Yup, I’m learning how to kick-box. I have my own little ex-US army trainer to hand (whilst I take water breaks he does upside down press-ups in a handstand, and that kind of annoying thing) so there aren’t many excuses to get out of exercising. Because I actually enjoy smacking him, I’m getting quite good! Plus my gloves are pink so it keeps me interested. For all you ‘active’ couples out there, I very much recommend giving it a try. Get yourself some pads, and some gloves, and get punching. It’s a great work-out; is quite a healthy thing to do in a relationship where you can get your frustrations out by literally fighting one another; and I also feel a lot stronger and able to defend myself if a real-life situation were to occur. Need any more convincing?

Film of the Week

Yesterday the Notebook happened to be on TV, so yes I watched it, and yes I weeped a little. It’s certainly a good Valentine movie, but my loved-up movie of the week is True Romance. Its got guns, its got violence, but its also got a damn sweet love story running throughout, and it has heaps of eye candy via both Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette’s sheer gorgeousness. In case you missed it, the pair got together in December and did a live read… find out more here.

true romance

Beauty Product of the Week

One of the most exciting things I discovered since being in the states is that they sell awesome make-up at TARGET. I stocked up on some essentials from Pixi, and am loving trying them out. The ultimate girly brand, with pretty pastel packaging and hardworking products that work wonders. Pixi has suddenly got a huge following in London, available at Liberty and at their store on Carnaby Street. I am crazy about their Glow Tonic, which is now a bedside essential. For a beautiful doe-eyed Valentine’s look, try their Brown or Blue Eye Intensify Endless Silky Eye Intensify Duo, and make your eyes POP. Watch the tutorial here.


My Bedtime Essentials


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Intensify Duo

Food of the Week

Valentines Day is just yet another excuse to eat cake. (As was the Superbowl last weekend, and the weekend before that as it was a weekend, etc.) I have a new favourite obsession of searching for beautiful sweet treats on Instagram, and even feel inspired to try and bake my own (someday, I’m currently too busy eating cake). This hobby actually burns calories, what with all the double tapping, so this is by far the healthiest way to gorge. I did find the extra cute owl cupcakes below for our Valentine’s treats. Check out my favorite food porn pages here and here.


My Valentine’s Cakes

Adventure of the Week

We went to the Homosassa Spring Wildlife Park this week and it was really fun. If you are a nature lover, Florida is the place for you, with manatees, flamingos, eagles, alligators, bears, and even a hippo calling Homosassa their home. Plus there was some interesting looking people about, too!


Style of the Week

Perfect for my Miami road trip, this lovely bikini by Monday Swimwear is on my wish list. The shape is super flattering, and as soon as I have a tan to go with my new ‘kick-boxing’ body, I will be certainly getting my hands on one of these. For all you Instagram lovers, check out their page  (Note – it is not for the faint hearted –  do not look whilst eating cake – too many gorgeous bodies in tiny swimsuits).


Happy Valentines!

Tomorrow morning my American and I are heading off on a road-trip; first stop Orlando and then on to Miami and the Florida Keys: him at the wheel, me doing my best to take photos as we drive and sing along to the radio as loud as I can. A Valentine’s road trip is just what we need to have some time to ourselves, and to explore Florida a little bit more so I can’t wait. (If he finds out I’m referring to it as a ‘Valentine’s Road Trip’ he might call the whole thing off so best he doesn’t read this until afterwards).

Wishing you all a beautiful, loved-up, kick-ass Valentines weekend. Whether you be sipping cocktails with your best pal or punching your other half, I hope you have your own  adventure!


That’s me and my Valentine in the local paper this week taking a selfie at a local music festival.

Love, Emily  x

Beach Beauty Edit: Face

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The beach is a place where we can be free: Free-spirited, stress-free, and make-up free! If you are a beauty junkie who can’t go bare-faced, or simply want to look extra gorgeous on your beach vacation, look no further. I have rounded up my favourite beach-beauty products which won’t budge with sweat and sea-salt, and won’t melt in the heat of the sun. From gorgeous creamy blushes and surfer girl shimmers, to waterproof concealer to cover any flaws. This is your beach make-up, sorted!

Beach make-up edit

Beach make-up edit

Left to right, from top left:

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara, £21.

Nars illuminator in Orgasm, £23.

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster SPF 15, £27.90.

NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer, £5.50.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Tone Perfecting Booster, £58.

Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr, £8.99.

Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Balm, £16.

Elizabeth Arden Sunkissed Pearls Eyeshadow Stick in Fresh Water Pearl, £19.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense Stick SPF 50, £15.

Beach beauty

Beach beauty

Smile, Look Gorgeous, and Enjoy the beach!

The New Destination For Beauty


I love the idea of a ‘beauty destination’: a place where you can go to find the kind of products that cause a stir. A place filled with cult products and exciting brands. I remember the new days of Space NK; when Sephora came to the UK; and when the Selfridges beauty hall came to Manchester. These places are like heaven, to the beauty junkie that I am. Chemists too can be anywhere between functional and utterly amazing, depending on the ranges of nail varnishes they stock. I love visiting the south of France at summer, not so much for the food, sunshine and decadence, but because of the pharmacies. Is there any place more heavenly than a French pharmacy?! So when Marks and Spencers decided to up their game in the beauty department I was ecstatic. Their beauty department really packs a punch with the range of eclectic and exciting brands and their own products. Make up wise there are brands such as Stila, Diego Dalla Palma, and Pür Minerals. But the make-up isn’t half as exciting as the skincare brands. From Bliss, Nuxe and Jurlique, to their own competitive skin care ranges, they have really nailed the ‘cult’ products market and have become a real place to go for your luxe beauty fix. I was mostly bowled over by their own range Formula, which is a low priced, sleek packaged range to rival any luxury skincare brand. I am dying to try the range out and am hoping that it lives up to expectations. I have my eye on their Cleansing brush , a fraction of the price of the Clarisonic for £19.50. They have a defense, replenish, and a restore range, and all products range between £6 – £11.

In addition to all of the goodies on offer for such low prices they have offers as well, such as 3 for 2. I love their range of basics, the usual cotton wool and make-up bags of course, but also their travel range which is extremely handy. With small plastic bottles and useful containers for transporting your goods whilst on the move and restricted to space. I have become all to familiar with such containers over the past few years as I have travelled so much, and it can be quite tricky to find great storage containers that you don’t mind spooning your expensive and beautifully packaged lotions and potions into.

So next time you are in need of some beauty inspiration, need to stock up on basics, or just want to trawl amongst rows of beautifully bottled elixirs and potions, head no further than the high street to Marks and Spencers, a real destination for beauty.





visit the website here!

The Original Goddess


I am currently so enthralled by the wonderful autobiography Elizabeth by J. Randy Taraborrelli that I have been sneaking off to bed somewhat early. I have a real thing for Elizabeth Taylor, when I say thing, I mean she is my ultimate idol. I don’t especially like the word idol, I find it too immortalizing and romanticized, but I do use it here as she depicts to me the epitome of Goddess, and for this reason she is an idol.

I am working on my first novel, and my main character is loosely based on Elizabeth Taylor, her loves and her allure. In addition to researching everything Elizabeth I have set myself the delightful task of reading a biography or autobiography of some of the other golden greats of her era every few weeks; women with natural allure and a great depth of intelligence that cannot be hidden despite the natural beauty and polished fashion. The look? Polished, clean cut, luxurious, and finished with a string of pearls and spritz of Chanel No. 5.

Today I began my Modern Goddess fashion and beauty post, that I will hopefully get finished soon. The feature is my exploration of the style of the modern woman who takes us back to Taylor and Monroe, but in a fresh way. She looks more natural, is never seen undone, and always looks perfected. She slips into something comfortable yet luxurious; has perfected quick yet striking 5 minute make-up; and manages gently teased yet fixed hair: Think perfect brows, a strong lip and dazzling eyes: Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian and Penelope Cruz.

So tonight channel your inner Goddess; slip into a silk chemise, pop on a sleep mask and dream of being wrapped up in Richard Burton’s arms.

IMG_4684 IMG_4709

From Left: Modern Goddess make-up, Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye, Delarom Neroli Flower Face Oil, Elizabeth by J. Randy Taraborrelli, and Sleep Mask from Zara Home.

Be sure to keep a look out for more about The Modern Goddess soon.