To Tinder or not to Tinder … That is the question


I met the love of my life on Tinder.

I didn’t… I just wanted to see how that sounded.

How about… “Kids, your Father and I met on a dating app called Tinder”

Hmmm…  not sure about that one either.

Tinder, if you didn’t know (genuinely or not), is a quick, flick-of-the-finger dating app., scouting the available suitors that are in your area right now. A diluted, less rough-around-the-edges version of other ‘hook-up’ apps such as Grindr and Blendr, and a speed-dating version of dating sites such as, Tinder is the simplest way of small-talking your way through every guy at the bar, sifting the Mr Possible’s from the absolute no go’s without the actual er, small-talk.

Where has this app been all my single life!?

Here are my tips, for guys and for gals, on using TINDER…

1. Be thoughtful on the pictures you choose. Tinder automatically selects them from your Facebook if you create your account using this info. So make sure you have a quick scout through and ensure there aren’t any drunken mug-shots, personal/family photos, or boring scenery… they are supposed to be of you. Also maybe skip the one of you and your three gal pals… or no one will actually know which one is you.

2. On the same subject as point 1… guys especially… NO WEDDING PHOTOS… seriously, I have come across a picture of a man, and his bride, on HIS wedding day. What a catch. Anyone who is on Tinder and is a possible match for you can see your profile, ANYONE. So if your cheating, your going to get caught, and in my opinion, being on a dating app. is pretty much the first stage of cheating.

3. The age-range and the distance options are important as these are the only filter options you have, along with whether you are looking to hook up with a male or female, so make sure that you change these appropriately. These are private, so no one will see, it will just save a lot of time. And in my opinion, seeing a cute guy who you really want to like, but is a LOT younger than you is more pain than its worth!

4. Friends in real life… swipe or like? If you see one of your friends pop up as a possible match it is a rather panic/funny moment. I have deliberated this and decided that it is best to go with the ‘heart’ option. If you decline them and they like you then they will know you didn’t like them back, which could be offensive! Best to be safe than sorry, and if you do come up as a match, well that’s an awkward conversation topic for later isn’t it!?

5. I have to point this one out… even though I hope everyone reading this article or using the app. is already clued up on the way these things work: Obviously, do not meet up with anyone on Tinder without A) letting your friends/family know where and when you are meeting with them, and B) always meeting with them in a public place. The idea is that it is a hook-up app., however, that doesn’t mean your safety should go out of the window. Arrange to meet in a bar with a few friends close by. Then see where the evening takes you. Chatting in real life is very different to cyber chat. Tinder should, after all, be the starting point; a way of sifting through the no-matches and delivering you the perfect guy/gal to buy you a drink who is standing at the other end of the bar. Just remember to suss out their intentions… and decide on yours before you begin finding your match, then everyone knows where they stand.

To be honest, the main reason why I like Tinder…. It’s the best ego-boost a girl could ask for! A list of eligible males in the area who would happily sweep me off my feet (again, this is most probably a fabricated account on my behalf as to 99% of their actual intentions… it is after all a ‘pick-up’ app) It makes you feel pretty great, even though I don’t think I would ever pluck up the courage to meet anyone I have matched with. (ok, I know, I’m a hypocrite).

Follow my advice, and have a go. It’s fun!

That is of course if your single!