Weekly Witterings – 2nd Edition

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To Witter: to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length. n. pointless chat; chatter.

Presenting my weekly roundup in order to spread the love and keep you updated with my adventures. This is a way of sharing my inspiration, music, books, and thoughts that have been a part of my week in addition to my blog posts. Think of it as a coffee and a quick natter with an old pal.

Website of the Week

I have to be biased here, because this week I have been working really hard on a new blog that I have created, Luxury Backpack. Its a BRAND NEW concept that I dreamed up whilst on my road trip around Florida as a way of sharing my travel hints, tips and tricks (I’ve got thousands!) which make a budget trip feel more luxurious. Read all about it here, and of course follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Insty.

Enough plugging, but on the same theme of budget luxury travel, I found this great website Budget Traveller which is a great website for finding the best experiences for your buck; such as alternative budget travel experiences, cheap eats, and money saving tips from the experts. Highly recommended!


Song of the Week

This week brought us The Grammy’s, and exhausted from our day of travelling, our first night in Miami was spend eating sushi and watching the whole ceremony. So after watching it I couldn’t get James Bay out of my head. Have a listen to Let It Go here.

Book of the Week

It’s been such a busy week on our road trip that I have hardly had time for reading, and am still gripped by Valley of the Dolls (nearly at the end now). I have just completed my review of the book I have been reading for my Cup of Coffee Book Club on Goodreads which you can read here. The next book for March is Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonders which I can’t wait to start! On my travels I found the cutest book which I am dying to get started on called Chomp by Carl Hiaasen which is set right here in Florida. It is about Wahoo Cray and his father, Mickey Cray, both professional animal wranglers, who are hired to assist with the latest episode of a reality series titled Expedition Survival! Mickey is injured by an iguana falling on his head (only in Florida!) and so Wahoo takes it upon himself to accept for both of them. I’ll review it once I’m finished!


Food of the Week

We found the most amazing little farm shop style food markets on the road, where we bought local honey, bee pollen (which I’m now raving on about to anyone who will listen!), and fresh fruit and veg which I’ve been whizzing up in my blender.


Working Out this Week

This week we didn’t have too much time to work out, but we spent a lot of time wandering around Miami beach and watching everyone else doing active things! I did have a few minutes of my day that weren’t jam packed, so I’ve been doing 7 minute ab work outs. I call it the Miami Beach Workout! 1 minute of each ab work out back to back for 7 minutes:

Sit ups – flutter kicks -bicycle kicks – crunches – scissors – leg ups – plank

Now tell me you don’t have 7 minutes to spare?

Film of the Week

I recently watched the comedy Trainwreck. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I really can’t stand these stupid American comedies, but it was pretty funny, and now I finally get the whole Amy Schumer girl crush everyone has got going… she’s basically me and every girl friend I have ever had rolled in to one!

Adventure of the Week

This week I’ve been to Miami, the Florida Keys, and through the Everglades. The Everglades were so intriguing, and learning all about the history and wildlife there was really interesting. I couldn’t get over the colour in Miami. So many candy colours, from the buildings to the ocean to the sky. I really haven’t seen anything like it before. Have a look on my Instagram for lots more pictures from my road trip.


Shopping of the Week

Please Santa, I know it’s early, but I would LOVE something from this beautiful marble crafter Allegra Stone. I am in love with her designs, especially the trays. Check out images of her pieces here.

allegra Stone

Love, Emily  x

Travel Trove



Happy Monday! Today it’s raining, and I just get a feeling that the weather this week is going to stay miserable, so for this week’s What To Do This Week in Cheshire recommendation for Grazia I have recommended a place that is so cosy, quirky and delish that it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. The Botanist in Alderley Edge is a place where you can leave your brollies at the door and snuggle in for the afternoon or evening, or both! Their cocktail list is mouth watering and really catered around groups of people with their ‘Watering Cans’ for four people. The food is all about comfort food, and I love their pick-and-mix deli boards and Welsh rarebit fondue. Save room for desert too – the marshmallow and strawberry kebab with hot chocolate sauce is amazing.

The interior is lovely. With pared back wood and interesting touches, it is an eclectic mix between a natural history museum and a potting shed. I love the botany illustrations on the wall and the glass cabinets filled with flower pots and glass jars.

Check out my recommendation and the other fab suggestions for what to do this week around the UK: http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/conversation/entertainment/bloggers-what-to-do-uk-4



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An Easy Saturday Afternoon In South London


East Dulwich is one of my favourite places in South London. There are so many great places to hang out on the weekend; shops, bars, pubs, and cool cafes. A quirky wine bar with a relaxed style and an alternative selection of wines and small plates seemed like the perfect location to catch up with old school friends this Saturday. Toasted is a great low-key place where it is easy to let the hours go by or to just pop in for a quick glass of something sparkling at the bar – their cloudy-style Prosecco is delicious. I tried their Chenin Blanc as well which was crisp and easy drinking with just a hint of apple cider. Their food was simple, different and delicious. We ordered lots of their small plates to share, including Broccoli with Raw Turnip and Mussel Butter; Mallard Duck with Cider Butter, Muscat Grapes and Cevenne Onions; and Cauliflower with Aubergine, Pine Nuts and Mint. The cauliflower really was delicious!
We laughed away a few hours in this bustling place, but I will be sure to drop in again for a quick glass at some point in the next week, too.
So spend a lazy afternoon in East Dulwich yourself, take a stroll around the park, pop in to a few of the independent shops and try Toasted for yourself.






14 Creative Things To Do Indoors This Autumn


Idea 2. Use Edible Glitter!

Edible glitter is awesome, and loads of fun to use. So instead of the usual scones or cookies, make some cupcakes and go to town with the decoration! Use any recipe you like. I love Loraine Pascale’s cupcake recipe from her book Baking Made Easy and used that for my cakes, and added my own flair to the decoration!
My Sister’s boyfriend christened my attempts as ‘The Only Way Is Essex Cupcakes’ and that kind of makes sense. They are done-up-to-the-nines, attention grabbing, over the top cakes and I think I’ll find glitter in places where I least expect for a long time to come!


Please excuse the picture quality, but you get the idea!

So try your own glittery cakes. I love http://www.edible-glitter.co.uk for the glitter. They have so many vivid colours. My favourites are Rose, Sapphire and White.

White glitter available from http://www.edible-glitter.co.uk

Silver edible balls £1.59 from http://www.lakeland.co.uk

Glitter Crystals, £2.49 from http://www.lakeland.co.uk

Pink cupcake cases, £2.89 from http://www.sprinklesandco.co.uk

And if you enjoyed those and still hungry for more (nice pun, thanks!) try these babies and bake yourself some unicorn cookies. Unicorn. Shaped. Cookies. Yep.

Unicorn cooking cutter, £6 from http://www.topshop.com

Enjoy baking and may your house be filled with glitter!