Rainy day hair mask

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Today was the most rainy, grey day… Not the kind of bank holiday you want to venture outdoors! We spent the most of the day indoors, snuggled up watching movies, and organizing the house after the holiday. I used the time indoors to do my favourite DIY beauty treat for post sun, sea or chlorine hair. The past week wasn’t so much sun and sand, but my hair certainly had its fair share of sun and chlorine from the spa pools in Baden-Baden, and really was in need of some hydration. I’ve posted about this mask before, but wanted to give you the how-to again and a few photos for you to see the results! It’s truly amazing, so give it a try!

Here’s my how to guide!

Step one – start with 2 tablespoons of full-fat mayonnaise

Step two – add 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Step three – add 2 egg yolks

Step four – Mix it all together really well, until you have a smooth texture.

And that’s it!

I then (with the help of my boyfriend) massaged it through the lengths and ends of my hair, and then put a shower cap on over the top. I always keep these from hotel rooms when they have them as they come in so handy! I left it on for about an hour and then rinsed with cold water (Always use cold water or you’ll cook the egg!).

My hair feels so great after this mask, and my boyfriend can’t keep running his hands though it! The colour looks brighter and more vibrant too.

Give it a try! x

A little French retreat

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I have been off the beaten track to Strasbourg in France for the past week, and have eaten my way through a ridiculous amount of cheese and drank far too much wine! (When in France!). We drove down the wine route of the Alsace, visited magical castles in the Black Forest, and went to Germany’s ancient spas in Baden-Baden. As well as going to town with the fine food and drink in France, I am obsessed with French Pharmacies so I stocked up on all my favourite products too. This was a tricky task as we didn’t have any check in luggage so I had to buy everything under 100ml. It was a case of bulk buying in minature!

I will be sharing all the details of my French/German getaway soon, plus my edit of the best French beauty buys, so stay tuned!

For now, safe travels! Au revoir x


beach body

Beach beauty edit: body

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Life in a bikini: What a dream. But for many of us stripping off isn’t that simple. Winter dryness, pale skin, and wobbly bits can taint this should-be blissful notion of letting all our worries slip away and heading for the beach. Instead of spending hours fretting, prepping and preening, the right products can minimize this and work wonders on all of our body hang-ups. These prep, beach-time, and post-sun basics will help you achieve a beautiful body and leave you much more time to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

beach body

beach body

Here is my edit of the best beach-body products, just in time for your summer vacation.

Beach Body Essentials

Beach Body Essentials

Left to right, from top left. 

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control, £37.

Bliss FatGirlSlim Hide & Glow Sleek Firming Tinted Body Spray, £30.

Molton Brown Pampering Body Polisher, £34.

Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolade, £20. 

Nars Body Glow Oil, £44.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Dry Body Mist in Medium, £11.69.

Mio Skincare Natural Body Brush, £15.

Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion, £27.50.

Lancaster Sun Sport Invisible Mist Wetskin Applicator Sublime Tan, £13.95

Worry less. Smile More. Life’s a beach!

Pop back soon for my beach beauty edit: face and find out my recommended make-up and skincare products for the sea, sun and sand!

Aspirin mask

DIY beauty essentials for every travel girl! 

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Backpacks are great, everything you need on your back, leaving you hands free to roam any mountain. However, they leave scarce space for your toiletries. The usual lotions and potions stacking the shelves of your bathroom cabinet are reduced to the bare essentials. But, there are a few cheap and easy DIY tricks that can deliver just as good a treatment as the expensive products you left behind. Pack, or pick up along the way, the below, and let the hostel, tent or plane-ride pamper commence.

Aspirin mask

Aspirin mask

– Coconut oil –

So many beauty products in one. Use it as a make-up remover, cleanser, moisturiser, hair conditioner, frizz controller, lip balm, cuticle oil, shaving cream, to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and even for oil pulling (rinsing your mouth with oil)! My favourite is Biona Organic Raw Coconut Oil.

Biona Coconut oil

Biona Coconut oil

– Tea –

Cold green tea bags are great for reducing puffiness under the eyes, and a green tea spritz or applied with a cotton pad twice a day helps draw out impurities, detox the skin and give it a healthy glow. I also like using the good old fashioned cucumber trick for parached eyes. It sorts out redness and jet-lag bags better than any eye drops or expensive creams.

– Baking soda –

It comes in handy sachets which are perfect for rucksacks. Add this to any toothpaste and it naturally whitens teeth! It is also often used as a gentle exfoliator for congested skin, just mix it with water and apply in circular motions to the face and then rinse. And as a desperate ‘in the jungle’ measure it can even be used as a dry shampoo!

– Rosehip oil –

My ultimate skin saviour. Moroccan women have been using it for centuries, and Miranda Kerr hails it as the reason for her dewy complexion. An excellent moisturiser for adding the glow back to travel exposed skin, use it nightly, or add it to your usual moisturiser in hot weather when an oil seems too heavy. Adding a few drops to a water spray makes a great skin mist to refresh and soothe skin throughout the day. Try Trilogy’s Organic Rosehip Oil, available here.

Trilogy Natural Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Natural Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

– Coffee scrub –

I’ve raved about this before. Simply mix your used coffee granuals with olive or coconut oil and voila, the best, most organic scrub for your body. Plus, coffee is known to reduce cellulite, so the benefits go deeper than simply glowing soft skin.

– Asprin mask – 

This is my favourite rejuvenating peel, which costs just pennies and the results rival £100+ masks. See my how –to guide here!

– Honey –

Honey is one of my staples to carry when travelling. It spruces up breakfast, is a great natural sweetner for coffee, is great for the throat if you get a flu, and works wonders as a natural beauty product. It works wonders on dry skin and as is a versatile ingredient to add to a face mask for an extra soothing treatment. As well as in the aspirin mask, you can add honey to a few teaspoons of milk for a gentle mask. Also, for a mid-trip pamper add a few drops of lavendar oil and honey to a bath and relax!

– Surf spray –

For gorgeous, textured surfer-girl waves, surf-spray is a must. Use on damp ends, and let the beach breeze or your fingers do the work. Keep a conditioning spray to hand to refresh throughout the day to stop your hair from drying out. My favourites are Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray, and John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray. I prefer however to make my own. Use saltwater and lavender oil and store in a spray bottle… it’s an authentic surfer girl hack!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above, and of course feel free to share your own DIY travel beauty hacks!

Go travel and be beautiful!