Illustrations Of Our Daily Struggles

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Last night I couldn’t sleep. It’s not like insomnia is a new phenomenon, but for me it is. I usually sleep like a baby, or like my brother after a Friday night in the pub; you get my drift. But drift I did not, and it was horrendous. It would appear that I don’t have as much to worry about at the moment, since I quit my job, left the frantic insomniac that is London and moved to this sunny, slow-paced place to become a writer. But this is the very problem. I am now consumed by trivial worry; the ironic kind of worry that busy people don’t have the time for. Along with this new worry however, has come a solitude in simple things, and one of those things is sketching. I sketch day and night; through the entire Super Bowl, much to the delight of my man; and through my insomnia. But in Googling inspiration for my sketches (my drawing hand works at 3am, my brain does not) I have come across some wonderful illustrators who speak to my heart and my funny bone, and summarize my midnight-sketching woes in their own work.

Genevieve Santos‘ work is just adorable. Yet despite her little sketches being so sweet, her people really carry so much weight and emotion. Plus her chickens are pretty good too. Have a browse through her website and try not to smile.

Back Camera

Oh Genevieve, I know this feeling all too well.


Sketches by Genevieve Santos from her Instagram page: lepetitelefant


Slightly darker, less whimsical illustrator Gemma Correll depicts anxiety and depression in her work, and in doing so makes light of hard hitting subjects, giving you the feeling that it really is okay, and most importantly, that you are not alone. You might of seen her work on greetings cards, such as ‘Pugs Not Drugs’. But now you can own a whole book full of her work with her new book The Worrier’s Guide To Life.


By Gemma Correll


By Gemma Correll


By Gemma Correll


By Gemma Correll

So if you have ever had insomnia, or felt anxiety or depression, know you are not alone. If someone can depict it so well in a drawing it may just mean that they feel it just like you do. Why don’t you try sketching how you feel? You never know, your drawings might help someone else one day.



Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book Of Wonders

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The book for March has been chosen, and it is Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book Of Wonders: A Novel by Julianna Baggott.

Baggott, who also writes under the pen names N.E. Bode and Bridget Asher, has written 18 books, with her novel Pure being her most notable to date. She lives in Florida which is the place I now call home (for myself this is exciting but probably irrelevant to you). Read all about the author here.

She also writes a really great blog; introducing new writers and discussing her own writing techniques. It’s a good read for aspiring writers out there!

Julianna Baggott

About the book

It appeared on New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2015 and they described it as an ‘intricate, tenderhearted novel’. The story spans the twentieth century, and combines the stories of a mother, her daughter, and her two granddaughters. One of the granddaughters is the only person who knows where the final ‘Seventh’ book is, which holds the truths of Harriet’s life. A story of love, motherhood, and secrets, I cannot wait to start turning the pages of this novel.

So read along with me, and we will be reviewing this book in April. Don’t forget to read this month’s book which is Where’d You Go, Bernadette which we will be reviewing in March. The ‘Cup of Coffee Book Club’ can be found on Goodreads, but I will also be posting the review and welcoming conversation and comments right here as well.

I hope you enjoy March’s read, and that you can answer the question on everybody’s lips: Was Harriet Wolf a real person, or is she a fictional character created by our author Julianna Baggott?




Cup of Coffee Book Club

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My book club is now live on Goodreads!

In case you missed last weeks post, I am going to be picking a book a month to read, which I will then review and open a discussion the following month. I love discussing books, and wanted to share my experience with other like-minded people. I have always wanted to start a book club, but as someone who travels a lot this has been impossible. So this is my version of a nice get together to chat about books. Nothing serious, just grab a cup of coffee and share your thoughts on the latest read!

This month’s book is Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. Read why I chose this book for February here. It’s not too late to get a copy and read this book before we discuss it at the beginning of March. Plus, I will be revealing March’s book soon so do stay tuned.


Search for Cup of coffee Book Club and get involved. Happy reading!

Emily x

Where’d You Go, Bernadette

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Get your reading glasses on, as the first book in my book club is here! Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple is a book that I have heard great things about! Kind of a detective – whodunnit – coming of age story about a girl, Bee, and her notorious mother, Bernadette, who (can you guess it…) disappears. Bee compiles her mothers recent correspondence and sets out on a mission to find her.

Where'd You Go Bernadette

So head to the library, jump on Amazon, or steal a copy from your friends bookshelf (not recommended, but if so do ask your friend to join in the discussion too!) and lets get cracking. I will be posting the review in the first week of March and asking for everyone to contribute their thoughts then, so you have plenty enough time to get reading.

I will also be posting March’s book soon in order to give you a head start, so do keep looking out for that one. In the meantime, happy reading!