About me Emily Alice BloorΒ  – Writer and traveller, lover of books and style –

…Currently writing a novel in Florida..

I’m a bit of a chameleon, with a style and attitude that has been crafted from everywhere I have travelled to and everyone I have met along the way.

Being influenced from everything around you and constantly reworking your style; reforming, and growing – well, that’s just a perk of being a human being with a sense of adventure. The constant development of your inner self, your beliefs, your look, and your music choices – that’s the beauty of growing. The one thing that stays the same is a sense of styleyou either got it or you don’t.

Enjoy reading. Follow me on my next adventure, join the Cup of Coffee Book Club, and lastly –Β  have a great day!

Travel trove

Emily Bloor


Feel free to contact me with any comments, requests or advertising, or just to say HELLO


…Or leave me a comment below with your details and I will get in touch…


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