Cup of Coffee Book Club

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My book club is now live on Goodreads!

In case you missed last weeks post, I am going to be picking a book a month to read, which I will then review and open a discussion the following month. I love discussing books, and wanted to share my experience with other like-minded people. I have always wanted to start a book club, but as someone who travels a lot this has been impossible. So this is my version of a nice get together to chat about books. Nothing serious, just grab a cup of coffee and share your thoughts on the latest read!

This month’s book is Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. Read why I chose this book for February here. It’s not too late to get a copy and read this book before we discuss it at the beginning of March. Plus, I will be revealing March’s book soon so do stay tuned.


Search for Cup of coffee Book Club and get involved. Happy reading!

Emily x

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