Quit your job and follow your dream. 

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It’s January and so the title of my post probably seems a little overdone lately, what with all the resolutions mantras and self-help jargon flying around on the web. But in this case it is necessary, because, I have just done the above. I have quit my job and I have left London. Why? To move to Florida and become a writer. I have always wanted to write books, for as long as I remember, but always wanted life and work experience before dedicating myself to it, and now, for many reasons, it is the right time to go for it. The main reason being that ‘the American’ is ready to go back over the pond and this time the long distance thing isn’t going to work, frankly because we are fed up of it. So, I am uprooting once again, as I always seem to do, but this time with a plan, and a man, and a final destination (sort of).

I think it is unrealistic to think that you will completely LOVE every minute of your workday, as even a ‘dream’ job has its tough points. If you have a hobby or interest which fulfills you in your spare time, yet your line of work is completely different, that’s great. Your passion doesn’t have to be your life’s work. I do however believe that if every ounce of your being is calling for you to do something, and that something happens to be a kind of career, then plan wisely and go for it! Of course it will take a lot of work to dive into a creative career, and there is always a risk. Personally, I am not thinking about the worst case scenario, as sometimes you have to dive in head first and know in your heart when the water looks good enough to do so.

My journey is not just about a career change either. It is a culture change, a life change, and a weather change (which is the best bit!) and I am so ready for this next chapter.

Follow me on my journey!


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