My Top 10 Beauty Travel Must Haves

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In light of my up coming trip to Texas this week, I have been busy preparing my wash-bag with all my necessities before I jet off. As a big traveller I am often asked what my beauty essentials are which allow me to travel lightly and keep me looking tourist-photo ready. So here are my top 10 beauty essentials that I always have in my hand-luggage whilst travelling, whether it be by boat, train or plane. Enjoy!

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O, 100ml – £5

Soothes, cleanses and makes your skin feel instantly fresh. This is then queen of make-up removers, and comes in a variety of sizes down to this perfect travel size which fits in hand-luggage. Use with a wet cotton wool pad for the best results.


2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir, 30ml – £11.50

Smooths the complexion, adds radiance, perks and moisturises. I always have this with me whilst travelling as it is a dream for parched cabin-skin.


3. Udo’s Choice Super 8 High-Count Pro-Biotics – £24

Travelling saviours. I don’t leave the country without them. Alcohol, a variety of foods, and time-differences can play havoc on the digestive system. These are the gentlest pro-biotics I have ever tried, with lots of ‘friendly-bacteria’ that work wonders for bowel-health. Be nice to your insides.


4. Batisse Dry Shampoo, 50ml – £2

The best hair pick me up. Simply spray onto the roots and brush out. Lank hair looks bouncy and clean even after a 12 hour flight.


5. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 50ml – £69

Strengthens, hydrates and adds radiance. The perfect travel moisturiser, this product is great for adding a layer of moisture for flights, and for hot climates where a cream feels too heavy.


6. Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask – £73

This mask is the perfect pick me up which adds radiance and lustre to your skin. It contains red clay and so gives skin a deep clean in just 3 minutes. Perfect for my post-flight skin. What Jet lag?


7. Arcona Dessert Mist, 35ml – $35

I came across this brand in Santa Monica, LA and have never found anything to compete. This product is a must to protect the skin from pollution, free radicals, chemicals and weather. Plus, it contains natural humectants that pull moisture from the air to alleviate skin dryness. Perfect for city breaks and long haul trips.


8. Caudalie Lip Conditioner – £5.50

The best lip balm I’ve come across, I never travel without it.


9. Soap and Glory Mini Hand Food, 50ml – £2.50

This cream is a little miracle cream and in the cutest packaging it’s perfect for a trip.


10. Lancaster Sun Beauty Care, SPF 15, Face – £16

The leaders in sun-protection, this range really is the best. Always pop a tube of this in your suitcase, as its light enough to wear everyday along with your normal moisturiser.


Travel light, maximise the power in your 1l zip-lock bag and be plane, boat or train ready in no time ! No more panicking at the thought of an impromptu mini break, these products will have you sorted and looking fabulous!

Bon Voyage!

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