14 Creative Things To Do Indoors This Autumn


Idea 9: Make A Photo Book

I remember the days of printing photos from my holidays and sticking them in an album. Before digital cameras were around we only had so many snaps and we shipped the film off to Boots and back it came with a reel of negatives, half a dozen blurry photos and the odd good one. I used to spend hours peeling back the sticky film pages in a photo album, arranging them, and sealing them down in place. It is great to have your photos printed, especially in a book you are proud of and takes centre stage on your coffee table. When I got back from my recent travels I spent the same amount of time making my photo album but I did it all online and now have the most beautiful, glossy book of memories, no blurry photos in sight!
It’s not a new thing, but is a great thing to do in the Autumn as it takes a long time to create and is a great way of being transported back to the summer!

Where to start. Well you need to decide which company you are going to use. I love Photobox as they are competitively priced, great quality, and their customer care is superb. There are so many companies that do online photo books that it is important to do your research. I found a great offer on Groupon for example, yet when I researched the company read so many bad things about the quality I chose to continue looking. If you are going to spend hours arranging your photos and uploading them, you want to know the end result will be of excellent quality. Once you have chosen the company decide what size and style of book you want. I love the ‘Lay flat’ style as you can display it open on whichever page you like and it sits flat on the table.

Next, sort out your photos. I did all of this on my computer as I had so many photos, and then just uploaded the ones I wanted to use. I didn’t end up even using all of them, but organising them beforehand saved time and confusion once they were uploaded. I also organzied them by page, and worked out how many pages I’d need for each place I’d visited. This was really helpful when getting to the end of the book as I knew I had enough space to fit all of my pictures.

The rest is really fun to do. You choose the layout, the style, the background, everything! The whole process was fairly straightforward on http://www.photobox.com, and I found the designer tool easy to use. You can switch between themes as well, so you can have a totally unique book.

Have a go for yourself. It is addictive and you are left with a beautiful and professional book of memories that will look great on your shelf and be a treat to look at for years to come.


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