An Easy Saturday Afternoon In South London


East Dulwich is one of my favourite places in South London. There are so many great places to hang out on the weekend; shops, bars, pubs, and cool cafes. A quirky wine bar with a relaxed style and an alternative selection of wines and small plates seemed like the perfect location to catch up with old school friends this Saturday. Toasted is a great low-key place where it is easy to let the hours go by or to just pop in for a quick glass of something sparkling at the bar – their cloudy-style Prosecco is delicious. I tried their Chenin Blanc as well which was crisp and easy drinking with just a hint of apple cider. Their food was simple, different and delicious. We ordered lots of their small plates to share, including Broccoli with Raw Turnip and Mussel Butter; Mallard Duck with Cider Butter, Muscat Grapes and Cevenne Onions; and Cauliflower with Aubergine, Pine Nuts and Mint. The cauliflower really was delicious!
We laughed away a few hours in this bustling place, but I will be sure to drop in again for a quick glass at some point in the next week, too.
So spend a lazy afternoon in East Dulwich yourself, take a stroll around the park, pop in to a few of the independent shops and try Toasted for yourself.





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