14 Creative Things To Do Indoors This Autumn


Today is the first day that I am actually cold. It’s been a bit of a strange few weeks, with lots of afternoon sunshine (see my post for Grazia live’s #WhatToDoThisWeek this week… It involves ice-cream … Yes, I know, I honestly was sitting outside yesterday afternoon in the sunshine eating ice-cream). But today it’s chilly. Maybe because it’s Monday and Monday’s always seem worse. Anyway, I’ve come up with some jolly ideas for the indoors to keep us busy whilst we are still in the midst of digging out our winter clothes and preparing ourselves to venture outdoors. And it won’t involve the television I promise! So for the next 2 weeks pop back to this friendly warm place and see my ideas to keep you busy over this transitional chilly time. When you’ve finished with this little lot the leaves will have fallen and outside will look a little more inviting, I promise!

1. Colour- Code Your Bookshelf

Starting with something simple yet satisfying that you can do even after a cold and rainy Monday at work. To amp up your book collection and help when selecting a good book to snuggle up in front of the fire with, colour code them. When I did this I felt the whole space looked a lot calmer and organised, and became more of a joy to look at. It’s become a real central point of the room now, and I enjoy picking my next read much more.


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