The Rattle’s top 10 songs of 2013. no. 3


Ok, here we go… The top 3 of The Rattle’s top 10 songs of 2013. phew.
For the record, before I hear the faint murmurings that it is now indeed already 2014 and we are already so over 2013 now, on to bigger and better things, that the big build up to these beauties span into a whole new year… well, I’ve been busy celebrating obviously, so please give me a break on this one.  And as i’m sure you have been so busy celebrating too I didn’t want you to miss these so I thought i’d wait a while until you least expected them!

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy these last 3 goodies of the past year, and get excited about all the new tunes that will be making the memories , filling our heads and our days, from Spring to the Summer, from the Autumn and right through to the Winter of 2014… get excited!

Number 3. Vance Joy – Riptide

Catchy, melodic, whistle-along Indie-pop jam and it’s still bouncing around my head 8 months later. Its a bit of a see-saw of a song, diving back and forth from whimsical to punch-packing. Just when you think the lyrics are taking you down a deep and moving path they swoop back to being light-heartedly ironic. Kind of like me.

‘I love you when you’re singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat because
You’re gonna sing the words wrong’

Pout your lips and get your whistle on.

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