The National – Graceless

Frontman Matt Berninger has said that his secret to enjoying gig’s is drinking … “I start drinking wine about half an hour before we go out and that’s the most fun part of me…the wine definitely helps me lose a little bit of my grip on my reality, which makes me less conscious of the situation, which makes me get into the songs a little more and it’s a zone I go to, which I love. Definitely wine is a crutch to get there and I won’t call it anything other than what it is, but I do love it.”
Now that is old school rock n’roll back with a vengeance, and don’t you love his honesty?
The video for Graceless involves a lot of the band’s love for drinking. He said “We shot it at my mom and dad’s house in Cincinnati and kind of destroyed the place and ourselves along the way.”
Most of us can probably relate to his drinking habits, even though we probably won’t be as open to admit it as Berninger. I mean, he has a reputation to uphold after all. I do feel slightly better about myself knowing that something this great can be created from a wine drinking session.

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